Here we are at the launch of a new story! Nnewts is a story I’ve been working on for over 15 years. I never thought it would be ready to tell, so I plunked away it in the borders of my sketchbooks until some day when I was much older, I’d roll it out proper. That didn’t happen.

Instead, my buddy Ethan Nicolle and I were talking about comics over a pint and a pipe (as usual) when I told him I was thinking about doing a webcomic. He said, “You should do that NEWTS project as a webcomic.” I sat there thinking of all the reasons why I couldn’t do it, no room in my schedule being the biggest reason. Then he said, “You could do a page a week, no problem.” In 15 seconds he took away every excuse I had not to make this comic. It all made sense to me.

My next step was to coerce my colorist to work on it. “Kath, I don’t want to make this without you, but I wouldn’t feel right about asking this favor.” She sent me colored pages and said, “I’d love to work on this.”

I guess this all a pre-emptive argument for why you can’t get mad that it’s one page a week. Believe me, I hate the idea of a one page a week comic. My first thought is, “Call me in a year so I can read the first act!” For whatever reason we don’t like the schedule, this comic couldn’t be made at all without it. I can make one page a week or nothing. Surely one page a week is at least a molecule better than nothing.

This is when I beg you to spread the word about Nnewts. Review it, complain about it, tweet it, but nobody is going to find out about it unless you help me spread the word.

Your pal,

Doug TenNapel

Sayer Nok  page 1 ink process


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