It’s been a busy week. I’ve done some contracting with Disney, and pitching to Dreamworks. Those are normal interruptions to my comic life. The comic book work never ends, but studio work is on and off.

Then there are the real life adventures of selling our house. At some point this month we have to move… and the Nnewts story is strewn all over my studio, so I can relate to Sayer Nok. How can I keep all of those different manuscripts and versions of the comic straight?

In case you didn’t know, I’m having a big, honkin’ Kickstarter campaign for my sketchbooks collected down into one book. It’s a lot of work running a Kickstarter campaign, if for no other reason than I keep checking it every 20 minutes! If you haven’t got the book, you should right here:

Doug TenNapel Sketchbook Archives

Our story is coming to an interesting point. Poor Gullimar got the bite-of-bites and now Urch and Odetto have to fight that purple hairy beast without their magician! What will happen? Come back next week to find out!


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