We’re having a busy week, and the temptation is to let the comic slack because it’s so easy to put on the back burner. Everything else is a necessity, but just telling a story never feels like the biggest emergency in the room.

While Nnewts is destined for a hiatus at some point, it’s still a ways off. The Tyranny of the Urgent is what we occupy most of our lives with. Those are the tasks that have to be done right now: get milk, get eggs, write this phone number down so I don’t forget, pick up that dustball I’ve been staring at for 3 days… we occupy our day with urgencies and almost nothing we do will be remembered 100 years from now.

What will last, in general, are the things that lack urgency. “I’ll start a family some day.” or “I’ll get around to my Great American Novel at some point.” I’m relieved that The Beatles didn’t have Facebook or we probably wouldn’t have had Let It Be.

I put a lot of importance into telling stories. They aren’t as ultimate as having a family, or perhaps even having a job, but they rank pretty high up there with the kinds of extra curricular activities worth sacrificing for. Making beautiful music is worth it. Tending a garden is worth it. Are webcomics? Could be.


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