This political season was very difficult to get through… not because my guy lost, but because everyone lost. How did everyone lose? We completely lost the ability to have an average, every-day, normal debate without destroying the other person. For the record, as a member of this culture I at least include myself in part of that criticism. I generally didn’t post about politics because I didn’t have much nice to say, so I chose not to say anything at all.

Another problem I see is that we have been given one of the most powerful tools for communication: the internet. But the tool has gone into the hands of a largely illiterate, unskilled, uncharitable, petty culture. I can only dream of giving the web and Facebook to the debates of the 1850s. You’d have an exchange of ideals, and even with the presence of formal duels to the death you’d still have less of an overall loss of friendships.

Next week will be the last Nnewts comic before we go on hiatus!

A note from Katherine

Originally when I colored this page I thought it’d be fun to imagine the bed was made up out of old underwear and stuff.

We didn’t go with this detail in the finished page, because the tone of the comic is rather serious at this point…but here is a detail of that panel for fellow silly underwear lovers.

Heart patch


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